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Title: Corrupted compact flash card recovery
Post by: joneil on September 25, 2014, 08:30:09 am
Hi everyone;
 Need some help.  Not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes.  Just came back from 9 days over in Portugal (Azores) .   Used both my D700 and my D800, and happy to have both.  did not keep count, but looks like i have over 10,000 shots.  :)

On my D800, on one of my new Lexar 800X (32GB) compact flash cards, after shooting about 80 - 100 shots, I got a card error - "Card Not Formatted".  Now, very, very first thing I do when I put in a card is format it in the camera - even if it is brand new, and double check it.  Sadly, this is one case where I did not have an SD card in place as a backup.   It was near the end of my trip, and I was running low on all my memory cards.    Samsung high quality SD cards can be found in a couple of stores in Sao Miguel, but compact flash cards are as rare as an honest politician, so if you go over there, take lots of card with you,.

Anyhow, there is a ton of software for card recovery - but almost too much.  Any reccomendations on what software to use, because I don't want ot blow it either.

Many thanks in advance.
Title: Re: Corrupted compact flash card recovery
Post by: dwswager on September 25, 2014, 09:17:05 am
The only thing I've used is Rescue Pro.  And only had to use it twice in about 8 years and I've run cards through the washer and dryer before with no issues.

Reminder...Always reformat the card in the camera after downloading to your computer.  I had both a Nikon rep and Sandisk rep tell praise me for that.  They say not do delete the images and resuse the card, but to reformat it.  That was some years ago, so don't know if it is still the best policy for SD cards too.
Title: Re: Corrupted compact flash card recovery
Post by: langier on September 26, 2014, 09:27:52 am
Photo Rescue. Try before you buy at just $30 usd.

Works on all cards and to me worth many times it's price. Everything else I've tried never seems to work as well.

For all media cards, download and backup then reformat before you go. Have all the cards ready to go rather than report before you use. Too much of a chance that in the heat of battle you will reformat a filled card and once it has been filled with new images, the old are gone.

By reformatting in your studio, the card is back to new or nearly new with little issues of corruption over deleting. Deleting fractures the directory and the images will most lightly become fragmented on the card which may become the problem IMO.

Best to delete images after downloading like we did with film back in the studio rather than chomping o. The back of the camera when you should be paying attention to crating new work.
Title: Re: Corrupted compact flash card recovery
Post by: phcorrigan on October 01, 2014, 02:46:16 pm
Since all or nearly all recovery programs let you see what they will recover before you buy I would try several. My tests showed good results with PhotoRescue, but if that doesn't recover everything I would try others, including Lexar's Image Rescue.
Title: Re: Corrupted compact flash card recovery
Post by: francois on October 02, 2014, 05:07:55 am
Another vote for Photo Rescue (