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Title: Gear recommendations needed for video blogging
Post by: Ligament on May 31, 2014, 01:04:45 am
Howdy All,

I've only ever done photography, very new to videography.

I'd like to shoot informational/education video blogs for my customers to learn about various topics. I'd like to do it in a studio setting, me sitting in front of the camera, roughly the same view every time.

I have a D800e, great tripod...mackie 16 channel mixer. Macbook Pro Retina and NEC monitor.

Thats all I have thats useful for videography.

I need recommendations on lighting, microphones, stands, backdrops, audio interfaces, etc.

If some of this gear could double duty for photography studio use that would be nice too, but I understand that might make it much more expensive (esp. lighting).

Any suggestions?
Title: Re: Gear recommendations needed for video blogging
Post by: Morgan_Moore on May 31, 2014, 11:55:48 am
So you have a D800 -

it has a mic in and you can turn the sound levels to manual?

If you get something like a rode video mic then you can get very adequate sound into the camera. (rode vid mics have a battery and dont need a 48v feed like many mics)

But you must get the mic within maybe 30cm of your mouth - maybe you can do that with a lightstand and some gaffa tape.

You need to set up the shot, on a tripod - because it is a static shot a stills tripod will do.

Actually filming yourself might be a bit tricky as you wont be able to see your framing without some trial and error, also be careful with focus.

Light? You can really use anything maybe a 150w house fixture or a modeling lamp from a studio flash through a softbox - if the light is tungsten you will need to set WB accordingly and not allow too much daylight into the room.

In summary beyond buying a mic you should be fine with bits and bobs most photographers have.

Of course you can now go to town, buy monitors, video lights, and all sorts of stuff to make the job better, faster, easier..


Title: Re: Gear recommendations needed for video blogging
Post by: bill t. on May 31, 2014, 02:20:45 pm
OMG!  Talking Heads!  Your best investment is a cameraperson to follow you around and get different angles on what your are demonstrating and generally avoid the unbearable tedium of a static shot.  That is, if you wish to develop a large audience that will come back to your blog a second time.  Wives and husbands work cheap.

But if you have a captive audience requiring technical support, you can abuse them any way you want and it seems like you've already got the kit except for a good lapel mic, a fresh set of globes in your existing room lights, and maybe a 1-stop-down fill light near the camera.  If you're solo, place a monitor on the far wall just above the camera in your line of sight, so you can keep yourself framed and maintain approximate eye contact.  If the monitor is above the camera, you will seem to be staring at the viewer's forehead, if it below the camera you will appear to be starting at their nose.  Your pick, either mode keeps their attention if only from slightly creeping them out.