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Title: Zenfolio Support
Post by: Remo Nonaz on May 16, 2014, 04:26:23 pm
I have an upcoming charity golf event and I am trying to set up pricing in my Zenfolio account. I am having no success at getting this to work right. It seems I go in circles in their menus but I never get my photos assigned to the prices correctly, nor am I able to add all the products I want to have listed.

Is there anyone in the forum that is using Zenfolio as a sales platform that I could call and speak with off line? I'm at my whits end trying to make this work. Please contact me off line.
Title: Re: Zenfolio Support
Post by: Deardorff on July 04, 2014, 10:32:40 am
You mean their email and chat guys can't get it figured out for you?

I stopped using them for this specific reason. NO phone support. Small problems that should take 5-10 minutes to walk through on the phone take hours to days of back and forth on the computer.

For me, not that good on computers to start - it just wasn't worth it.