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Title: Kapture Group Sliding back vs Linhof Rapid Changer
Post by: xavier young on March 13, 2014, 06:02:53 am
I've just changed from V mount to Mamiya Phase One backs and now have to change the sliding back for my Linhof M679cs (mines the original version with fixed fitting).
I'm trying to decide whether to buy the new version from Linhof or the Kapture Group (standard) version, this looks like good value but there is no UK dealer and I've never seen one in the flesh.
Does anyone have experience of these sliders, particularly how well made they are and how good the Maxwell focusing screen is?

Title: Re: Kapture Group Sliding back vs Linhof Rapid Changer
Post by: Gigi on March 14, 2014, 09:36:31 am
Have the KG back, and like it a lot. Its rugged, simple and gives a lot of options (the three way version) easily. The Maxwell screen is just lovely - I use a Hoodman sometimes, but often nothing is needed. The screen is that bright. Alignment seems right on as well. Its a bit thick, so a 35XL won't work, although a friend has a 32 which works fine.

The Linhof back has tighter tolerances, but is less flexible. The longer one is huge and heavy, and can act like a sail in the wind.

The KG can change mounting plates (camera and back both) and is pretty easy to work with. I had to send mine back to KG for some repair work, especially on its teflon sliding strips, but Keith (he's KG) is most friendly, fixes it without questions and reships in about a day. Might be a hassle overseas. The other issue is tolerances in the back - it seems that there is a wee bit more room on the back as it slides than on the Linhof or Silvestri, but in shooting and looking in detail at images, it doesn't make a difference. THe KG is rugged and well made.

The Silvestri back (not sure about the Linhof) has firm locks on the sliding, which the KG doesn't. If you plan on carrying your camera around with the back on it, think about this somewhat. That's the biggest issue I have with the KG back. The latching is spring loaded, not locked. Other than this, its a good solution. 
Title: Re: Kapture Group Sliding back vs Linhof Rapid Changer
Post by: xavier young on March 16, 2014, 03:37:43 pm
Thanks Geoff,

That's exactly what I needed to know, I think I'll be ordering the KG back.

I've had my M679 for almost 10 years and while I like the camera (for studio use), I think most of Linhof's accessories are madly overpriced and of dubious quality. The focusing screens they offer being a case in point, the standard screen is terrible and costs $125 (fresnel another $165) or you can buy the new "bright screen" for just under $1k. As far as I can make out this is the old Hasselblad brightscreen in a Linhof mount and the lines are still painted on rather than scored.
Sounds like Linhof bashing and maybe it is but for the first 10 years of my career I used a Linhof Bi-Kardan dating from the 1970's and it's still my favourite / best made camera.