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Title: New user having Sigma software problems
Post by: andyptak on September 05, 2013, 12:25:33 pm
My first attempt at using this awful software has problems even before I start.

I have 126 shots that firstly can't even all be seen in the thumbnail page display. I get only random images displayed out of the total even though they all apear to be fine in the camera's rear screen display. There are just large greyed out rectangles where the other shots are, file numbers are displayed for them, but that's all.

If I adouble click on any of the shots, whether they are displayed properly or not, I get Error 14 - and nowhere to find out what that means.

I selected all, and the display says that 126 are selected, then I attempted to convert them to TIFF - only two images are referenece in the menu though - and I get Error 14 again.

Any one have any ideas? Thanks
Title: Re: New user having Sigma software problems
Post by: tuthill on September 05, 2013, 04:25:44 pm
I'm guessing you'll get a faster response on the dpreview Sigma forum which seems to be where most of the Sigmites hang out.
Title: Re: New user having Sigma software problems
Post by: capital on September 06, 2013, 04:40:14 pm
I am wondering if your SD card is corrupted somehow. I think the Sigma raw files contain a JPEG and that is why the camera can "see" the image. One thing you can test is try viewing the raws in slideshow mode, which I think also accesses this jpeg. If you are on a mac you can try (download the demo) of one of the other raw converters to see if they can access the raw data.

One other thing, do you have latest firmware installed? Sigma reportedly fixed some file writing stability in certain circumstances that you might be operating within.

I thought of one other thing you can try, copy one of the "unresponsive" raw files and place it into a new folder by itself and load up Sigma PP and browse that folder, if the file previews okay, then it is a memory management issue with Sigma PP and your computer.

This is all I could find of a google search for your specific issue:
Title: Re: New user having Sigma software problems
Post by: uvl on September 07, 2013, 06:14:32 am
SPP is known to have problems with more than 100 files in one folder. You have not mentioned your camera model, but if it's a Merrill this might be the reason. Computer memory might be another. One needs at least 8 GB to properly run SPP.

Solution: Don't let more than 100 images accumulate on one SD-card. Put your images in several folders. Shoot RAW+JPG to be able to preview faster in your file manager. Don't use SPP as an image viewer.

Uwe 8-)
Title: Re: New user having Sigma software problems
Post by: NancyP on September 09, 2013, 02:28:17 pm
I open my card on the in-body card reader in a Macbook Pro. The Canon and Lightroom programs pop up "not a file!" and I turn off the pop-up boxes. I wasn't successful loading from within SPP, so I just open up the card on the usual hierarchical file structure program ("Finder" for mac, "Explorer" for PC). I look for "cardname" > "SIG101" > individual files. Copy your individual files into a folder on your hard drive, and as mentioned before, do not put 100 or more files into that folder. In your case , copy the 126 files into two folders, approximately 63 each, for fastest loading.