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Title: Broncolor question
Post by: studio347 on May 05, 2013, 02:55:58 pm
I want to ask some Broncolor flash tube questions to lighting experts.
When using the grafit or score packs with an old generation heads such as Primo head, can the primo head still achieve the short flash durations the modern packs can provide same as the new pulso G head?
In other words, can the old generation flash tube of primo head achieve the short duration such as 1/8000 s t 0.1 which score can provide?
I'm curious if there is some negative affect in duration from the old type flash tube.
I'm planning to use the score and old primo heads. And want to make sure that the primo head can still produce short durations....
Title: Re: Broncolor question
Post by: UlfKrentz on May 12, 2013, 01:39:32 pm
Hi, no problem using Primo or even UL Heads. They can be used without any limitations regarding the flash duration. The flash duration is controlled via the electronic cut off circuit in the pack. Here are the exceptions, as far as I know:

Pulso 8 Head is not recommended and will only work on outlet three of the grafit packs (no flash cutoff, long flash duration) I think it will work with the scoros but you will be better served with any other lamp base.
Litos Head is not suitable (designed for the senso pack, which has a different flash tube voltage)

In addition, keep in mind grafit and scoro packs donīt check the maximum rating of the lamp bases, so you will be able to overpower 1600Ws heads. With the scoros this can also happen unintended when dialing down flash power and open flash before the pack is ready with lowering its stored energy. The pack will then fire the complete stored energy. This usually wonīt result in an instant damage but will shorten tube life significant if applied regulary.
Not sure, do the Primo Heads have a build in fan? Scoro packs are cycling extremely fast, donīt overheat your tubes! Remember, broncolor developed a new flash tube that is able to withstand the higher demands that can happen with longer flash series that can now be achieved with the scoro packs.

Title: Re: Broncolor question
Post by: skimasks on May 12, 2013, 07:31:43 pm
I'm not the one asking the question, but I learn something new every time Ulf posts. Thank you for all of your Broncolor related know how and wizardry, Ulf! :)
Title: Re: Broncolor question
Post by: studio347 on May 13, 2013, 02:32:05 pm
Thanks for the infos!!
I need a back-up(not used often) head for the score/ grafit pack, and it might be not a bad idea to get a used Primo head which is not expensive...