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Title: Cloning & Healing feature request
Post by: etto72 on March 07, 2013, 02:08:10 pm
Hi everyone
I am a wedding photographer that since many years uses Apple Aperture for his worflow
I am trying out since about a week C1 7.1...and I am completely sold!!!!!
the files from my 1DX look just so amazing,way better than Aperture and even superior to LR !!

I am really tempted to switch!
the only thing that still keep me ... is the fact that C1 doesnt have a clone tool and the spot function is really limited!!
Obviously heavy duty cloning or healing is meant to be in PS but its should be possible (just like with Aperture or Lightroom)
to clone a straight hair sticking out or healing an eye bag
Please consider to add those tool as soon as possible

Thanks for reading my suggestion
and requesting this feature to Phase One  ;)