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Title: Anyone like the Canon PowerShot S50?
Post by: on April 28, 2003, 04:40:36 pm
My review of the S50 will be online in a day or so. Very nice little state of the art digicam.

Title: Anyone like the Canon PowerShot S50?
Post by: James Rosenthal on April 28, 2003, 04:18:45 pm
I shoot with Nikon D1x's and have been buying a series of pocket cameras to keep at hand as I move about... I've owned and sold the CP5000 (very good,) CP 5700 (very irritating video view finder) as well as several others. Not happy with the feel or the action of these cameras so far... Too slow, bad focus, bad menus...

So... Last night I bought the Cannon Elf S400 with the thought that it would be small and produce sharp results, then I noticed the S50 with a 5 mega pixel sensor and more flexibility on the output (Raw Files etc...) and bought it too. I'm only keeping one or the other and my guess is it will be the S50. Anyone using it and what do you think?
Title: Anyone like the Canon PowerShot S50?
Post by: Paul Sumi on April 28, 2003, 08:05:08 pm
I own the S400 and like it very much as a "take everywhere" complement to my regular camera kit.  Very good image quality, excellent build quality, small form factor, reasonably fast shutter release (using prefocus), and very acceptable prints to 8x10 and even 11x14.

But one has to comfortable with the trade-offs: no manual controls (but good exposure compensation), no RAW, somewhat problematical autofocusing in low light.  Also, the optical viewfinder is barely adequate at best but this is true of most digitals in this class.

If you want more control, go for the S50.

Phil Askey just posted his review of the S400: (