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Title: UMPC / Netbook
Post by: wolfnowl on May 21, 2009, 03:59:09 am
Reading Michael's article on shooting tethered with his Phase One back and the Kohjinsha SC3 Tablet reminded me of an article posted here not that long ago about the Seitz 6x17 digital camera by David Osborn.  In that article he mentioned that the Seitz comes with a Motion LE1700 Tablet PC.  It has a 12.1" screen and weighs about 3 pounds, but it does have dual batteries, up to 4GB RAM and an 80 GB drive.  No Expresscard slot, but it does have a PCMCIA slot (yes, slower) that you can get a firewire card for.

Title: UMPC / Netbook
Post by: TimG on May 21, 2009, 02:03:46 pm
Michael, when you stated, "The Modbook from OWC is another alternative, but regrettably too large for the kind of field use that I require", what specifically are your requirements?

It obviously isn't weight.

Wouldn't a Leaf Afi-II 10  +  a couple Leaf Digital Magazines + Leaf Capture Remote application for iPhone be a similar, yet more tightly integrated solution?