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Title: The Arca CUBE
Post by: Steven Draper on April 15, 2009, 12:07:24 pm

I'm looking for a precision pan / tilt head that could be operated remotely via the use of an control panel and small motors, with a head wight of between 5 - 10 pounds. Unlimited 360 rotations ideal.

There are various PT heads that this can be done with, but all require additional componets bolted to them in order to attach a dSLR camera and there is normally a degree of slop with the head components. Each join is also a potential joint failure too. Most are fairly heavy which in my application is a disadvantage. If this could be motorised with small (pos battery powered) motors it could be an ideal solution!

If anyone with any info or hands on use of this head has any experience it would be really appretiated.

Many thanks in advance