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Title: Going nuts. Can't Apply Camera Settings in bridge CS3
Post by: alxe24 on December 17, 2008, 04:09:57 pm
Hi everyone. Here is my first post on this forum and unfortunately it's a problem. I recently purchased the video tutorial from here about camera raw and noticed a useful feature I don't have access to on my own copy of CS3. That is applying presets from camera raw to pictures in Bridge (within Bridge).
I'm using vista 64 along with CS3 and raw vertion 4.3.1
I hope posting a link to a different forum is not out of line if it is let me know and I'll remove it promptly. Here is a link to the same question on a different forum and the responses also I have some sreen captures of the menues I show on my copy of CS3Thanks in advance for any assistance.
Alex (