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Title: flat file system alternative
Post by: alain on November 21, 2008, 06:31:32 PM

In LLVJ_16 Intro Gallery a "flat file system" is mentioned.

I'll want to install some "flat file storage" myself, but it's quite impossible to get a "flat file system" to the wanted place and it's quite expensive anyway.

I could build one in place, but then it would be wood (probably osb).  This will outgas, but the most in the first weeks/month's.  I have time to let it outgas a month.
I'll need to add some type of finish (maybe paint), to get it "smooth" and "clean".

Are there recommendations on materials and/or finish?


Title: flat file system alternative
Post by: dchew on November 22, 2008, 06:44:22 AM
Does it have to have functioning drawers?  Melamine might work.  It's the white stuff they use in closets laminated on particle board.  Here's a link with several types of laminate:
Wilsonart (

I have no idea if any of this stuff off-gasses anything harmful to prints, and as Henry pointed out in the wonderful video, no one knows what hasn't been measured.  But I don't think the break-down chemistry produces oxidizers. An open front with perhaps a nice roll-shade to keep out light would eliminate the space required for opening drawers and/or cabinet doors while increasing the air circulation inside each compartment.

Dave Chew