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Title: Boundary Waters Article in National Geograpic
Post by: bdbuck on May 19, 2003, 02:38:11 pm
I was reading the June 2003 National Geographic and noticed that the Boundary Waters story had a lot of digital photos. I noticed some chunkiness in a few photos, but most notably, there was really bad fringing on the shot of the deer in a field of flowers (p. 46-47). There were some really nice digital captures in the story that showed the power of digital -- no noise, nice colors, etc. -- but I thought that one of the deer was really sub-par, practically highlighting one of the major weaknesses in digital, or at least some digital equipment. Later in the Final Edit section, they even have an example of a really high noise image that almost made it into the story, but some found too noisy. I was wondering if anyone else found any of the images objectionable.