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Title: GE ConstantColor Bulbs
Post by: wolfnowl on October 15, 2008, 11:16:09 am
Hi Folks:  This showed up in my Inbox, and while they're targeting retail stores with this I thought it might be of interest to those doing studio work.


"GE continues to aggressively pursue the low watt ceramic metal halide market with its most recent product launch designed to take the technology to the next level.  GE’s ConstantColor® Ultra 70-watt G8.5 and G12 lamps deliver next-generation ceramic metal performance for retail, accent and general display lighting: up to 88 percent mean lumen maintenance and 88 color-rendering index.

Target Audience:

"Specifiers, retailers and OEMs interested in ceramic metal halide technology know the significance of this achievement," says Linda Pastor, product manager - ceramic metal halide, GE Consumer & Industrial. "In addition to providing inherent ceramic metal halide energy savings and long life, our next-generation lamps make it easier for retailers to stand out by making their products stand out."

Long Life:

Incumbent ceramic metal halide lamps cannot provide this level of lumen maintenance and CRI combined with long life. The next-generation GE lamps, available in November, will feature a color temperature of 3,000 degrees Kelvin and a rated life of 15,000 hours – 25% longer than the competitors’ offering.  Why is this important?  Labor costs continue to rise and extending your re-lamp cycles is an important way to keep maintenance costs down.  Over the course of four retail selling seasons, GE ConstantColor® Ultra lamps will keep your stores beautifully lit and save you 33% on your relamping costs – that’s big!*

Incredible Lumen Maintenance:

And how about that 88% lumen maintenance (88 G12, 87 G8.5)?   One of the primary responsibilities of your lighting system is to keep your stores and merchandise looking their absolute best.  With Ultra’s next generation of lumen maintenance performance, you get more usable light over the life of the lamp.  If you’re already paying that energy bill, why wouldn’t you want to maximize the light output from your investment?   That’s exactly what Ultra does for you, delivering 33% more light vs. the standard product at end of rated life.

Eye-Catching Color:

As you know, lighting plays a vital role in ensuring that your store’s ambience is appealing to shoppers, that your displays are attractive, and that your merchandise is presented to its full advantage.  With GE ConstantColor®, you have come to expect superior color rendering and consistent color uniformity.  Ultra takes you to the next level.  The G8.5 version boasts 88 CRI, the G12, 87.  Good lighting sells and when your stores and displays look better, stronger sales should follow.

Additionally, your lighting should be as similar to natural light as possible.  After all, customers shouldn’t have to go outside to check the real color of something before they purchase it. High CRI means that candy apple red pops with red…not maroon, not pink. Better uniformity also means an article on display will look the same under one lamp as it does under the next. With ConstantColor® Ultra lamps, customers can confidently purchase items knowing they won’t be disappointed by unexpected color variations outside the store.

Think about the impact lighting makes on your facility’s environment.  When you’re ready for the next generation of ceramic metal halide visit your local GE distributor,, or email us at for more information.

*Based on 4500 hours per year burn, 4 selling seasons.

ConstantColor® and CMH® are registered trademarks of General Electric Company."