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Title: P-2000 Not showing JPG EXif info
Post by: Jonathan Wienke on April 23, 2005, 05:07:21 pm
AFAIK the Epson device simply doesn't support viewing EXIF data under any circumstances.
Title: P-2000 Not showing JPG EXif info
Post by: budjames on July 27, 2005, 04:51:04 am
I have the Epson P-2000 and I love it. However, I noticed one small issue. Shooting with my Canon 20D or 1DsMk2, I usually have a RAW file and medium quality JPEG created for each exposure using the camera settings. Before the Epson P2000, I would download the cards into my PC using Downloader Pro and then view/edit using BreezeBrowser Pro. BreezeBrowser combines the RAW and JPEG into one thumbnail on screen and if you delete the RAW file, the JPEG is also deleted.

With the Epson P-2000, the unit renames the downloaded images so that the RAW and JPEG of the same exposure now has different file names. After downloading to my PC from the P-2000, I lose the benefit of BreezeBrowser being able to view the two images with a single thumbnail.

It would be wonderful if the Epson could retain the original file names instead of renaming each file with Epson's 8 character file naming convention.

I've e-mailed Epson about this and have had no response from their tech support dept.


Bud James
North Wales, PA
Title: P-2000 Not showing JPG EXif info
Post by: twig69 on April 23, 2005, 12:37:08 pm
I am batch converting files from TIFF to JPG using photoshop cs (Russell Browns'; image processor).  I am not using "save for web" which strips the exif info from what I have read.

After the conversion the images have their exif info still, I can confirm by viewing it within CS, or by viewing the file properties in the windows file browser, or using an app like PixVue (an exif viewer/editor) all info is retained, camera, focal length, aperture, etc.

I migrate the files to the Epson, and while the epson is attached as adrive I Can still see the files have exif info (by file properties within explorer on the epson drive)

Further, when I view nef's from my CF card on the P2000, the exif info is avilable.

However, for some reason the JPG files on the Epson when I press display, there is no EXIF info, the overlay comes up and only has the pixel dimensions of the file, no camera-exposure-aperture-shutter-focal, etc.

Anybody have any ideas? the Epson is brand new and was upgradet o firmware 2.02 when I got it (first thing I did).  I have never been able to view useful exif info on the jpg files with the p2000, though I can read the info with other applications.
Title: P-2000 Not showing JPG EXif info
Post by: Jack Flesher on April 23, 2005, 07:23:07 pm
The P2000 definitely does display EXIF data from in-camera JPEGS -- you just press the "view" button when the image is onscreen to see it.

However, I've never converted a file then tried to display its EXIF data on the P2000 so this is only a guess...  I suspect that your conversion routine is somehow adding a tag to the EXIF that causes the P2000 to no longer recognize it.  

Title: P-2000 Not showing JPG EXif info
Post by: budjames on July 30, 2005, 06:09:47 am
I heard back from Epson tech support regarding the P-2000 file naming system. They cannot download images and retain the camera-assigned file names. The unit will always rename the files as they are downloaded from compact flash cards.


I guess now when I go to Ireland in August, I will probably shoot only RAW with my 1DsMk2 instead of RAW+JPEG. I'll have to use the batch processing capabilities of C1 to produce JPEGs of each "keeper" to use for my DVD slide shows. It's an extra step, but it will save space on my compactflash cards.

Bud James
N.Wales, PA