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Title: C2P video downloads.
Post by: Box Brownie on August 02, 2007, 04:56:05 am
I have been making a few attempts to get my first downloads but since last night (UK here) the first try of the third 'set' resulted in a corrupted incomplete file.  Then I have tried the very first zip (videos 1-3) the first time just fell over so I left it to get on with it over night, I woke up to a time out error.  The next go it got to 96% of the download and stalled for over 10 minutes so I cancelled it and am currently trying again.

I found the speed I was seeing was 96KB/sec but the current download is running at 82KB/sec.

I appreciate that HTTP is not the most robust and the server is sometimes struggling but if these videos are going to be so popular then surely there needs to be a more 'reliable' way of serving/supplying them.  I do not think it is good to have to struggle to download a purchased product for what looks like may be sometime over the next 10 days?

I wonder if instead of 3 videos in a 200-300MB zip it needs to be broken down into the individual videos i.e. smaller chunks less strain on the system and less chance of packet losses causing a dropout and connection loss/timeout.  I see no issue with downloading 24 files over the 7 larger zips if it means such problems cease.


Update Just finished the download and there was a brief pause at 96% but the whole file of 290,228,783 bytes came down but using Stuffit8.5 for Windows it would not unpack I get an unknown "Engine Error - Unknown Compression"

Note - I have been using Stuffit for Windows for a long while and never had this type of error.

However, if I use Stuffit View I can see the files and can extract them separately except for Introduction movie, it is that first one causing the decompression error.  Very odd  

Also, as reported by others movie number 3 has under QT 7.1.3 no audio but does play fine in the Media Classic Player, so sadly you lose the QT menu function.

So far this is not the most rewarding experience   there are still like me many users of Win2K who cannot use QT7.2 and with the audio issues of movie 3 being possibly due to encoding tweaks........I will persevere with the downloads etc because I hope the totality will be worth it but please Michael do try to look at improved ways of 'serving' the files and in the case of movie 3 untweak it so that QT7.1.3 can play the audio. Surely viewing QWT movies needs to have that little bit more backwards compatibility?

Title: C2P video downloads.
Post by: Thomas Krüger on August 02, 2007, 06:53:26 am
To unpack the files there is the free program 7zip. (

BTW, my download was sometimes at 25 kb/sec
Title: C2P video downloads.
Post by: Box Brownie on August 02, 2007, 07:54:35 am
To unpack the files there is the free program 7zip. (

BTW, my download was sometimes at 25 kb/sec
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Hi Thomas

Thanks for the feedback.  I have downloaded the 7zip and the installer is corrupted!

Having said that I have just managed to dl the second set 4-6, this was after two goes and Stuffit unpacked it just fine.

So hoping that I can eventually get the rest aok all I need is the Intro movie from the first set   But I do still wonder if it would be best to have single files to dl?
Title: C2P video downloads.
Post by: Box Brownie on August 02, 2007, 08:40:21 pm
I have successfully downloaded parts 2 & 3 but I have not been able to get part 1 again ~ two attempts and they have stalled at 96% and 97% respectively.  As explained above my original successfull download of part 1 had a problem with unzipping the first movie even though the 'byte count' was exact.

So is there any way in the short term for me to get the Intro movie & as remarked above I really do wish the files could be made available as single files rather than zips of three as IMO that would aid the download process and reduce the stalling and timingout.

I am on a 3MB sync/connection and getting approx 90KB/sec dl speeds for these files and it is very frustrating to wait something close to hour or more to then see that the download has failed, again.  Surely there is a secure cart solution that would meet LL's criteria and be more robust than the current 'method' especially as LL are going almost entirely the download route for the business model and the loads on the server will only get more severe.

In anticipation   of the download experience getting better very soon