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Title: Wierd color rendering
Post by: David Eckels on June 22, 2022, 08:00:15 pm
I am getting a strange color shift when moving from the Develop to Library modules. This is a NEF converted to DNG by LR. I am pretty sure there was a LR update, but no other known fiddling. I have a couple questions:
1. Any similar observations?
2. Any known fixes?
3. Any suggestions as to how to figure out what is going on?
Any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.
Screen captures below; top Develop; bottom Library
Title: Re: Wierd color rendering
Post by: digitaldog on June 22, 2022, 10:11:08 pm
First, the preview architecture in Develop is unique to all other modules and the most accurate preview of the data. You should always view previews there and elsewhere at 1:1 or greater and when comparing, use the same zoom for each. 
It is normal to see slight differences at 1:1 but if really excessive, the first thing to try is to disable GPU in preferences; better? If not, you might have a corrupted display profile. Recalibrate the display or whatever you usually do to create a display profile. When given the option to build this profile, pick Version 2 (not V4) and Matrix not LUT.