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Title: Adapter for Nikon lens on Sony dslr
Post by: deanwork on June 10, 2022, 09:29:47 am
 I have a Sony A7r2 mirrorless  dslr and was wanting to see if there is an adapter that will allow me to use my Nikon
ED 24-70 zoom on it. I usually use this lens on a Nikon D810.

I donít need auto focus and could also get by without metering as Iím doing still life on a tripod and have a spot meter.

Has anyone done this?

Thanks John

Title: Re: Adapter for Nikon lens on Sony dslr
Post by: mcbroomf on July 24, 2022, 09:11:48 am
John, have you resolved this?  Sorry I only just saw this as the forum didn't show me any new posts for some reason.

I've only used manual Nikon SLR-Sony E adapters (and Nikon-Canon DSLR) but you will need an AF adapter for an E lens so that you can control the aperture.  Here's a few on B&H filtered for Sony E mount and Nikon F mount / E lenses.

I've not looked at reviews but I do know from discussion on other forums that Nikon AF adapters don't do AF very well so I'd expect the 3 - 3.5 star ratings are largely due to that which you mention is not required.  Make sure there are no fit or communication issues if you decide to buy one, but also buy from a place (like B&H) who make it trivial to return.

BTW these are not terribly cheap.  Sony just released a new version of their 24-70 GM lens so there may be some good deals on used copies, or the F4 version.