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Title: HP Designjet and Monterey
Post by: neil snape on February 18, 2022, 08:30:21 am
Just a heads up after fighting once again with HP. As V4 profiles stopped working with Big Sur 11.6.2 I had to update to Monterey.
Doing so brought back (shame on you Apple for not updating older OS levels forcing people to go to the latest) all the profiles to Lightroom.
Today I found that the printing system pipeline broke the drivers.
Installing the HP site drivers PS and Raster and the official Apple HP drivers didn't allow other than generic printing options insufficient for quality printing when adding a printer in system preferences.
I remembered a long time ago there was only one way to get around this: install as an IP printer, not as a Bonjour printer. Record your printer IP address, the plug that in the IP printer. Then select the previously installed raster or PS universal drivers from HP.
Note that you have to install both Raster and Postscript to have all the printer features available.
And I thought we had made color management easy...