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Title: Canon Imageprograf Pro 1000 Cartridge Jam
Post by: IPDOUGLAS on July 02, 2020, 06:54:07 am
Hello All,
            I would like to report what is a growing problem (derived from Canon Community USA Forums) with the Canon Imageprograf Pro 1000 experiencing ink cartridge 'jams'.

As any owner knows when a ink cartridge reaches empty then the printer will inform you and light the cartridge in question to allow replacement.  There is, according to the above source, a design fault that prevents the cartridge from being ejected/removed.  Although a number of posters have reported removing such jammed cartridges with plumbers pliers the official fix is a 'top-down' strip by Canon authorised engineers followed by a new set of ink cartridges!  The fix is more expensive than a new printer! 

Effectively, this can write-off your printer!  Those within their warranty period are OK but those not either trash the printer or use the drastic removal method!

Apparently the printer can continue with the 'rip it out' method but you risk leakage and further damage.  Additionally one or two are reporting that the problem is occurring with more than one ink cartridge.

The issue is reported to be an inherent design fault in this mechanism.

I have this issue personally (I am out of warranty at 18 months) and Canon are at the moment not helping.  I shall report back if this changes.  Meanwhile I must contemplate taking my Pro 1000 to the Municipal dump!  Not a good buy especially as it eats ink (the initial set only printed 33 A3 prints before wanting a new set of inks at 600 (around $700)!).   

Despite loving printing as an art I am being pushed towards commercial services as a 1000+ printer like this lasting less than two years is untenable.
Title: Re: Canon Imageprograf Pro 1000 Cartridge Jam
Post by: yssirk on August 13, 2020, 06:39:32 pm
Had this same exact problem ~18 months ago with my Pro-1000. Had Canon tech support on the line and they couldn't fix it and the printer was out of warranty by a month or two.  Canon shipped me a new printer anyway, and I returned the one with the stuck cartridge in the same box they shipped the new printer.

Good luck with getting this fixed!

Title: Re: Canon Imageprograf Pro 1000 Cartridge Jam
Post by: IPDOUGLAS on August 25, 2020, 06:56:42 am
I am afraid Canon washed their hands on this one. 

The printer will be dumped soon and I am moving permanently to Epson