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Title: Chiara Samugheo
Post by: Rob C on May 28, 2020, 09:52:32 am

A cautionary tale for those tempted to donate their lifework to an institution.

It's in Italian, and not recent, so I wonder how it resolved itself.

In brief: she donated her catalogue to the institution with a contract that allowed her access at any time during her life, and to make money from the material too, and to hold exhibitions of her images.

At the time or writing, she has been refused access repeatedly, and they will neither give her her original negs or trannies, but only a few copies. They also refuse to make meaningful shows of her material.

She was Italy's first, and most successful female photographer, enjoying a great reputation and business in the movie industry publicity world. I once posted her website here, but though I have hunted high and low, it no longer seems to exist in the generous form that it previously did.

A short video:

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