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Title: Sluggish sliders in C1P v20.0.2
Post by: Malcolm Payne on January 31, 2020, 01:40:55 pm
Weird glitch with v20 (I can't be certain whether this occurred with the latest v20.0.2 update a few days ago, but I hadn't noticed it previously):

I have a Quick tab populated with my most used editing tools. The Exposure sliders in particular in that tab (Exposure, Contrast, Brightness & Saturation) had become very jerky, taking an unusable 0.5-1 sec or sometimes even more to update the image with any change - usually they work in real time.

Having checked the obvious (GPU acceleration, preview size etc), on a whim I tried the identical sliders in the Exposure tab, and they worked normally. Deleting and re-adding the Exposure tools from the Quick tab made no difference, but removing the Quick tab entirely then reinstating it restored the Exposure sliders operation to normal.

Just a quick heads up in case it helps anyone else who gets caught by the same issue.