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Title: Capture One Fix
Post by: rothberg on November 13, 2006, 06:06:53 pm
I said on the Forum that I thought you had made a “true act of contrition” and that you had made an honest mistake.

I believe that I have a little better understanding of the pressures on a reviewer. I am sorry that I called you a flack. Everybody makes mistakes, gosh knows I have.

I remain very upset that Leica would ship a product they know to be flawed.

That said, thank you for the update on the Capture One Profile fix, worked like a dream and only added about 10 seconds to my workflow the first time and that’s that.

I am sure that the boys in Somes will come up with something, they are only playing you bet your company, and in the meantime I remain hopeful that the sun will come up tomorrow.