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Title: Tether software - Smart Shooter 4
Post by: nemophoto on April 26, 2019, 10:52:25 am
I was on the Tether Tools website looking at some cable management items and came across software they are peddling called Smart Shooter 4. It come in two forms -- regular and Pro. Over the years I've used a number of different software packages to tether: DSLR Remote from BreezeSys (a nice basic tether program), EOS Utility (Canon's default software which works, but can be slow and buggy if used with DPP -- at least on my computer), Lightroom (what a slug when it comes to fast shooting), and my current favorite, Capture One.

Smart Shooter sounded somewhat interesting. It's sole purpose in life is to capture tethered images. Period. I guess theoretically you don't have the overhead of all the software processing etc., if you don't need it. (I don't when I shoot tethered.) In a way the concept sounds like DSLR Remote. I was watching a webinar on the software and one thing that sounded interesting was that you can have a dedicated small window where you can have a portion of the captured frames at, for example 100% so my assistant can double check my focus etc. as I'm rocking along. I have no idea how fast teh transfer speed is -- important to me. I know my 5Ds, a 5D4 and an EOS R all transfer to C1 in a little over a second per frame (shooting RAW+JPEG).

I'll probably try the software in the next month, but my long-winded question is, has anyone actually used this software?
Title: Re: Tether software - Smart Shooter 4
Post by: Doug Peterson on June 11, 2019, 03:55:39 pm
Other than price, is there any reason that someone would want this software rather than Capture One Pro?