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Title: printing issue ? with PS update? (PS CC2019, Epson 3880, Mac Pro 2013)
Post by: Eric Brody on April 12, 2019, 12:24:54 pm
I'm posting this in case others have had the same vexing problem. I'm not absolutely sure this is related to the PSCC update, but it's never happened before. I tried to print in Photoshop and got this error message. "There was an error opening your printer. Printing functions will not be available until you have selected a printer and reopened any documents." The printer would print with Lightroom, therefore it was likely a PS problem? I uninstalled PS, rebooted, reinstalled PS, turned the printer on and off, more than once. In the end I did what I should have done first... Google is your friend. I found a couple of references to this exact error and reinstalling the printer driver for the 3880 fixed it. What a relief.