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Title: Other Raw Converters
Post by: BobShaw on September 17, 2018, 02:46:07 am
It seems the Aperture Q&A has been moved to be a subset of "Other Raw Converters".
Perhaps not surprising given the low volume of posts.
It is a shame because Aperture was so much more than just a Raw Converter. Indeed it was actually the OS that did the Raw Conversion.
What Aperture was and to me still is to me, was the absolute best Catalogue Programme made.
Unfortunately it is still the only one that will read all cameras (including Medium Format) raw files and run on a shared drive.

I am still using an Aperture catalogue with 100K images with the new Hasselblad X1D.
I appreciate that there are new raws that it won't read due to a change in the operating system.
Hopefully Apple will upgrade Photos to be worthwhile product one day.
Title: Re: Other Raw Converters
Post by: Aram Hăvărneanu on October 05, 2018, 07:23:41 am
and run on a shared drive.

Yeah, this is what I need as well. And not just "run", but run well. With minor effort you can make Lightroom run off a shared drive, but its performance makes it utterly useless.

I have not yet tried Capture One catalogs on network drives, but their own documentation warns about performance degradation.