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Title: Links to external sites
Post by: Jeremy Roussak on June 29, 2018, 11:26:49 am
Quite a few posts recently have consisted solely of a link to an external site. Such posts are no longer acceptable: they are difficult to distinguish from clickbait.

This is a discussion forum; in case anyone is in any doubt about what that means, the forum exists for members to hold discussions to which those who choose to post can make their own contributions.

That does not preclude including links to external web pages if they are relevant to the topic under discussion. However, any post which includes such a link must also include text which

Before you post a link, consider if the linked page
If any of the above applies, direct inline quotation of limited extracts from the page, if permitted by copyright, would be preferable to the link alone.

Posts which do not conform to these criteria are liable to be deleted.


[EDIT: I have posted this message here and in the Coffee Corner. This thread is locked; the other is not.]