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Title: LR vs. RSP
Post by: claudiobiondi on October 05, 2006, 08:11:39 am
Few questions from a new user  

Compare Images : in LR if I compare 2 images they are fitted to the screen but when I choose the 1:1 option I have no more comparison and only one photo is enlarged.
In RSP you can compare 2  images and you can also enlarge both in order to check fine details (very useful). Can I do the same in LR ?

Before/After : in RSP you can add “snapshots” in order to compare different corrections to your image. In LR “before” is a default setting (the loaded image when you open LR) or I can decide what it has to be ?

Ciao, Claudio
Title: LR vs. RSP
Post by: paulbk on October 05, 2006, 05:12:10 pm
LR Develop module has “snap-shot” capability, sort of.

Click [Add] in the History pallet and it combines all previous adjustments into one time stamped develop-state (snap-shot). Clumsy compared to RSP, but you can save different develop states. It would be so easy to simply put snap-shot buttons across the top of the image window like RSP. Having to open the left side Presets/History panel is a pain and v inelegant.