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Title: Looking for a new Dye Sublimation printer that can be profiled with J-Teck inks.
Post by: dgberg on March 29, 2018, 12:54:30 pm
My Epson 4880 is getting long in the tooth. I am also finished sending any more money to Sawgrass for Sublijet IQ ink at $1.50 a ml.
I am looking at the dye sub J-Teck inkset with 8 inks and will also need the Wasatch Rip to run it. Leaning towards the Epson P6000 a 24" unit with InkOwl refillable carts.
I have found multiple companies that will support one or two of these but not all three.
Conde supports Wasatch. Coastal supports Wasatch and J-teck. Epson supports the printer until you install a different inkset.
Epson has several dye sub printers but they are all 4 color machines. We use all Chromaluxe metals with some black and white and 4 color just does not work.
Sawgrass has the new Virtuoso VJ628 but at $5,000 plus inks and rip it is over $7,000 :(
That is around 40% more then the 24" Epson package would cost me.

Anyone up on the latest dye sub converted printers capable of using J-Teck inks?