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Title: Focussing on a Fuji X-T20
Post by: erynlasgalenphotoart on March 24, 2018, 01:20:57 pm
I'm new to Fuji after several year of using Sony cameras along with analogue lenses. That means of course that I've focussed manually using focus peaking.

Before I use the same way on the Fuji as well, I wanted to give the AF system a try and as far as I can see it works great even with the kit lenses. However I shoot a lot of forest scenes in which you sometimes have branches and leaves in front of tree trunks and I find that the AF tends to focus on the leaves instead of the tree. In these situations I wanted to try AF + Manual readjustment, but I seem to have some trouble with this. Maybe I have some settings wrong...
First I chose my composition, I set my focus point, I press the shutter halfway to focus and hold it while I use the focus ring to check and adjust the focus. The focus control view pops up along with focus peaking when I turn the ring. My problem is that the focus control view stays even after I stop turning the focus ring. I'd really like to have a last look at the composition before I press the shutter all the way, especially when I don't use a tripod...