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Title: Sony RX10iv in the to use my triggers ?
Post by: zobeleye on March 10, 2018, 04:55:07 pm
Hi guys,
I usually shoot with the 645z and Fuji's excellent lineup, but because I wanted for a long time to try the Sony RX, I recently bought the newest edition, the IV.
now while I can say mostly good things about it, I can't find how I can get it to give me a usable viewfinderimage when using it in M mode +flashtrigger to work my studiolights, other than popping up the built-in flash and taping it, so as not to be visible in my exposure.
Putting it in manual and switching the flash on gives a usable viewfinder image regardless of exposure settings.
Has anybody figured out another way ?
nothing about it in the manual or in any review I could find...