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Title: SOLD***Gitzo 1325 Mark II Mountaineer Heavy Duty CARBON FIBER tripod SOLD***
Post by: gdh on October 08, 2017, 04:48:41 pm

I'm selling my Gitzo 1325 Mark II Mountaineer Heavy Duty CARBON FIBER tripod and just listed on dBay
This a great heavy duty carbon fiber tripod.

The Gitzo G1325 is capable of holding most 4x5 cameras, weighing up to 12 kg. To give additional height, I have included a Gitzo G315 grooved rapid column, adding another 13+" to the although full extension is not recommended. The three-section legs of this Gitzo Mountaineer tripod provide stable and excellent performance, for vibration-free shots.

    Folded Length   26.4 in.
    Height Range   4.33 - 58.27 in. +13+" with extension I purchased separately and included.There is no hook on the bottom of center column however but available for $18 on ebay if desired.
    Leg Sections  3 (older style legs that rotate until tightened.)
    Maximum Load  26.46 lbs
    Weight  4.48 lb

I bought the tripod new and the integrity of the tripod has never been compromised. there are no scratches or gouges on the carbon fiber legs, but there are a few scruffs consistent with travel and use.  The center column however was purchased used by me after the fact, is aluminum and was scratched when I bought. It's not reflective of how I care for my equipment.  I may or may not have the top plate that I took out to put in the center column.  If that is an important issue I can rummage through  my "closet." :)    I have used this tripod with 3 different 4x5 view cameras, medium format film and digital cameras, and 35mm type cameras.  It is a great, steady, light weight (for size) and reliable tripod.  It fits in my duffle when I travel. I no longer need it as I have two other tripods. View pics on eBay and read descriptions.  I have it pretty well detailed there.  $369