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Title: replace halogen modelling light to LED in Broncolor lightbar
Post by: frfr on April 17, 2017, 02:44:20 AM

I bought some 10w dimmable LED tubes to replace the 60w halogen tubes in my Broncolor lightbars 60cm (early version, with 50cm long s14 halogen tube for modelling light).
It works "almost" great, it is brighter than original halogen tubes, low heat, dims fine BUT when the modelling power on power pack is set at max the tubes are flickering. This happens only at max setting. I have also noticed that on Topas generator the flickering only happens on the outlet 1, and on Grafit generator flickering disappears on outlet 1 and/or 2 if another lamp is connected to outlet 3.
Any relevant solution to fix that?
I am hoping this can be fixed by adding a resistance somewhere, and preferably in the lightbar, otherwise if it needs to be done in the generator, would halogen modelling lights in my other flash heads would work fine?