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Title: Picture Windows Pro
Post by: Robert Roaldi on November 30, 2016, 10:46:28 am
No one ever mentions Picture Windows Pro anymore. They're on v.7, anyone using it?
Title: Re: Picture Windows Pro
Post by: one iota on November 30, 2016, 03:44:29 pm
I cut my post processing teeth using PWP starting with v.5. It is a fantastic way to learn and understand the basics and the complexities of digital manipulation. Very little happens behind the scenes automatically so it’s a bit like driving a car with manual shift and no cruise control. Its graphic interface is  ”last century” and it uses DCRAW as the raw converter . It doesn’t handle highlights particularly well.

I use Capture One primarily for most of my work and DxO for B&W. But for printed work I will always finesse the image (and sometimes manipulate in a Photoshop fashion) in PWP and print using it. It is well supported via its Forum with the man who developed it (Jonathan Sachs) providing advice and taking feedback for the product’s development. There is a wealth of information contained in the associated "white papers" that accompany the program. 

To me it is a program that “hides its light under a bushel”.
Title: Re: Picture Windows Pro
Post by: marvpelkey on November 30, 2016, 09:41:24 pm
Although I use (and have used for years) Nikon's proprietary raw editor for my D810 files, I have used PWP for 90% of the editing/image processing I require, for probably the last ten years. I also have CS6, but use it for only a few things.

PWP is easy to use and does most of what the average user requires. Plus it has some great things that even Photoshop does not do as easy. Having said that, the largest difference between PWP and Photoshop is that PWP does not use the layers paradigm, but generates a new image after each action, hence leaving the original alone. You also can't use plug-ins, one of the things common to Photoshop. A bit getting used to, but once you get your mind wrapped around that, it is quite a simple program to understand. Generating a mask (the program actually generates an 8 bit black and white image - that you can save for later use and which can also be used in Photoshop) is super easy and can be done with a number of different methods.

And printing is super easy to do out of PWP.

As has been stated, the owner is always personally responding to Forum questions/suggestions and often responds within an hour or two. Some great tutorials are also available.

Also can't beat the price.

I recommend a 30 day trial to anyone who is interested.

No connection to the company, just a satisfied user.

Title: Re: Picture Windows Pro
Post by: Robert Roaldi on December 23, 2016, 09:17:19 am
I just received an e-mail from PWP. They have stopped shipping the current product and are ending its life. They are considering creating a new product and plan to work on it but make no promises or guarantees that it will ever be brought to market. The web site is still up ( (, there may be more info there.
Title: Re: Picture Windows Pro
Post by: marvpelkey on December 23, 2016, 09:36:29 pm

You are correct, PWP is being shut down. However, the full program will now be available from the current site for free (although no future upgrades, of course). And all the white papers and manuals remain available. The Forum will also remain active so users can still seek assistance and advice. The DL-C website will remain open for a couple more years.

Having said that, I don't expect many new users will want to download and learn a new (to them) product that has a definitive end life.

And if the owner/developer, Jonathan Sachs, follows through with his stated intention to develop a new, from the ground up, product to replace PWP, I'm betting it will be a great product. Time will tell.