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Title: Light trails
Post by: mdijb on July 02, 2016, 02:13:06 pm
I have been using an Iphone with some apps that allow long exposures with a light trail effect that has given me some interesting results.  Is there a way I can achieve the same effect with my SOny A7.  I have checked out their apps  for the camera but do not see one that will give the same effect.  Anyone know how i Might accomplish this?

I will post this on the Mobile forum as well to see if anyone there can help.

Title: Re: Light trails
Post by: E.J. Peiker on July 02, 2016, 11:30:25 pm
Several ways you can accomplish it:
1. Download and install the startrails app from then play memories store
2. Get a cable release and just do a really long exposure
3. Do back to back to back...... 30 second exposures for as long as you need to to get the total exposure time(but make sure you have long exposure noise reduction turned off otherwise you'll have 30 second gaps in your trails.).  then put them all as layers into Photoshop and select Lighten as the blending mode for all of the frames.

Plenty of tutorials online with a Google search :). Most of them relate to shooting star trails but it's exactly the same thing as light trails from a fixed position.