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Title: Honoring Women -- yes another thread
Post by: Alan Smallbone on April 29, 2016, 01:05:42 am
I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the post by Kevin. I felt I took it as what was intended. I think a lot like Kevin does I guess. I did not want to post in the other threads because they really where completely different than how I felt. I am rarely polarized by the extreme nattering that can and does occur on this forum. I take it for what it is to me. I enjoyed Kevin's article, the images and the spirit in which it was posted. I married later in life, only been 8 years and I am now 57, my wife is my companion on our photo trips, she very often "sees" things I miss and is not encumbered by some of my "photographic" biases. She is not a gear head, she is more a point shoot but how the image is captured in not really relevant. What matters is the vision and if she feels she captured an image she felt was her vision. It is refreshing to have her along. She is completely supportive of me and my photographic endeavors and enjoys the trips. To me that is more than I could have ever asked for. The camera is after only a tool and she reminds me that is the case.

So cheers Kevin for a great article. Enjoyed it. Only glanced enough at the other threads to know I did want any part of them. :-) Its not the gear it is the vision and hopefully I will find the energy to keep enjoying photography.

Title: Re: Honoring Women -- yes another thread
Post by: Eric Myrvaagnes on April 29, 2016, 11:55:12 am
Very well said, Alan. Reading some of the harsh criticism in those other two threads, I could (marginally) accept the idea that a really top writer might have worded some of Kevin's points a bit more felicitously, but the negative critics seemed to me to be missing the forest for the trees, and reading into Kevin's words things that were clearly not intended by him.

All of the photographers Kevin mentioned seemed to me to have fresh, new and compelling visual ideas, more so than do most of us (mostly male) who post often in the forum.