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Title: Aperture -> C1P9 - embedding the date into EXIFs
Post by: David Edge on January 12, 2016, 02:17:50 pm
When I import Aperture libraries to C1P9 it invariably throws up files - 1500 in all - that the date filter shows as having the current date. When you select that date, there are no files to view.

I've got to the bottom of the problem - these are files that have no embedded date in the EXIF metadata, because:
- they've been scanned in
- they've been created by Zerene stacker
- they've been edited by an iOS app like Snapseed
- they've come from somebody else with the metadata stripped
- ... who knows what else.

Now Aperture's been managing them fine for years, presumably because I've added a date that it keeps in its library metadata. But when it goes to C1P, because of the "holiness of the RAW and its EXIF" I suspect it can't handle the date from Aperture / doesn't store dates anywhere in the catalog. Which is fine for a RAW converter, not quite so good for generalised digital asset management.

I have logged a call and sent files to R&D but I'm pretty sure I know the answer, which is that I need to embed the dates in the EXIF of 1500 files at my own risk. It's not as bad as it sounds as for many legacy files the year is al that's needed.

So, any ideas about the least tedious way of doing this where exporting a list of filenames and dates and generating commands to EXIFtool is all I can think of...
Title: Re: Aperture -> C1P9 - embedding the date into EXIFs
Post by: ppmax2 on January 14, 2016, 07:24:07 pm
Hi David--

I'll bite!

I'm an Aperture user and haven't yet migrated my large referenced library to another tool yet...but I'm always testing other tools and have grown to like C19 because the image quality is pretty awesome. For me, I think C1 needs another turn or two of the crank in the image management department before I decide to leave Aperture :(

Anyways, I use ExifTool as part of my workflow: I have written a few command line scripts to write metadata into the RAW file...which seems similar to what you want to do.

You say Aperture has been managing them fine for years; specifically, how are your images sorted in the Aperture? Are you using a Date sorting scheme, or name, or some other?

Since many of your images may not have Capture Dates in the Exif data, Aperture is probably using the Created On date of the file. Sometimes, this data is available to ExifTool--and if it is, it can be written into other areas of the file.

If you post a file and note what date it should have I might be able to scribble out a command that you can use to process your files.

Title: Re: Aperture -> C1P9 - embedding the date into EXIFs
Post by: David Edge on January 17, 2016, 11:05:26 am

A bit of an embarrassment here - I've realised that if you adjust date and time in Aperture and write the change back to the original it does what's required for everything except some TIFFs produced by SFX Pro. I thought I'd been doing that all along although how the many files that once had date and times lost them I don't know. So I'm simply rewriting the time to all non-RAWs and as a result have just a handful of undated files rather than 1500.

I can't attach the file because LL's limit is 4MB and a 24-MP tiff is 154MB