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Title: Reinstalled CS6: Which Camera Raw?
Post by: on January 09, 2016, 10:27:23 pm
I'm running Photoshop CC2015 v1.1 on Windows 10, with Camera Raw, and the Adobe Cloud app says there are no new upgrades.  I also have CS6 on my machine but had to uninstall/reinstall it because of error messages when trying to install the upgrades indicated in Adobe Cloud>Apps>Previous Versions>CS6.

After the reinstall of CS6 I was able to upgrade it through the Adobe Cloud app to CS6 13.1.2 x 64, Camera Raw did not upgrade from version 7.  I found a version 8 installer deep in the junk in my Downloads folder, and manually installed ACR, which turns out to be a Beta version.  As expected, it works but I get the message about the expiration of the Beta version.

The Adobe Cloud app does not indicate any further upgrade for either CS6 or Camera RAW, and I gave up trying to find what are the latest version numbers for them on the Adobe Website.  I also seem to have lost the Extended functions that used to be part of the CS6 I had been running...they just disappeared after the reinstall.

What are the latest release numbers for CS6 and Camera Raw, and how do I find them in order to further upgrade?

Title: Found it!
Post by: on January 09, 2016, 11:07:34 pm
After many attempts I found the downloader for Camera Raw 9.1.1 and installed it successfully.  Whew!  Thanks anyway.
Title: Re: Reinstalled CS6: Which Camera Raw?
Post by: Peano on January 28, 2016, 06:59:58 pm
You're welcome.  ;D