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Title: A Luminous-Landscape Update
Post by: bokehcambodia on June 11, 2015, 07:05:57 am
Finally, proofreading. That was one of the weaker points of the site. Just after you mention the proofreader... "There are too may of those" :)
Really appreciate the efforts of LuLa publishing insightful, free, educational and top-notch articles.

Just my 2 cents. Now that you have so many contributors i would like to see a LuLa team badge, or similar, on articles by Michael, Kevin, Alain, etc. like on other sites.
On the 'old' site i read all the articles, always right-up-my-alley, with the new site there is just too much and often things that i am not interested in (as you mentioned a wider readership is targeted). This LuLa team badge (for the most respected, long-time contributors) would point out the must-reads faster. Cheers and Kudus to the LuLa team.