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Author Topic: Professional DSLR market about to change?  (Read 2699 times)


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Professional DSLR market about to change?
« on: January 21, 2006, 12:23:52 PM »

Is next month's PMA show going to change things significantly at the high end?  For more years than I've been alive the pro ("35mm") market has been dominated by Canon and Nikon.

Whilst I'm no expert, the market for small broadcast cameras seems filled by Sony, Panasonic and Canon, the first two using Zeiss and Leica optics.  This suggests that Sony and Panasonic have the knowhow to support pros in the field.  I understand that one of the reasons the Minolta 9 series cameras were not used widely was that they lacked the field support offered by Canon and Nikon.

There is another thread that tells us Konica Minolta are to be rebranded Sony.  Web rumours have it that KM have developed a Dynax 9D with a full frame sensor for PMA.  Panasonic are due to release a 4/3 SLR (rumoured to have OIS in the body, how you can have an *optical* IS in a camera body is a mystery to me!) at PMA alongside a replacement for the Olympus E1.

Does this mean that there will be Leica lenses available in 4/3 fit and Zeiss ones in Sony-Konica-Minolta-Pan-Am-Ford fit.  How much would this affect the market?  Afterall, we all know that it's the lens rather than the camera that can make a picture....


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Professional DSLR market about to change?
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2006, 02:30:47 PM »

How much would this affect the market?  Afterall, we all know that it's the lens rather than the camera that can make a picture....

I dont think that it will be a major contender. Nikon will be complimented by Zeiss lensess with Nikon mounts, and us pro 1D series users have wide angle CZ's with adapters already.

Unless there is a quatum leap in techology that changes the paradigms, we are bumping our heads against the pixel pitch ceiling with the 1Ds MarkII. Therefore, we need bigger sensors and that means that some pros will look to MF digital for the edge. An affordable high performance MF camera would be a nice solution - some thing that handles well. ZD camera? Well, the ZD dream has been a cold wet blanket, but when it comes to market, we may forget all that  That would have the sensor size and glass that rivals and sometimes beats MF Zeiss.

Dream on.... I still want an affordable scan back for my 4x5 that is gathering dust in my closet with my Schneider XL's but Im in a minority ...and Im digressing in the hope that someone will address this niche market.  

Back to FF cameras a la the 1Ds 's: We do need better glass for our Canon 1Ds series digital - wide angles, and better wide angle shift/tilt lenses. Canon cant seem to handle the lens design, so they need help and I doubt it will be from Zeiss. Who's left? Schneider? Their digital lenses have their own issues, and their not who I think of when I think of "35mm" wide angles.  Ironically, I think of Nikon (!) and Zeiss of course!

I think that all I need is another Cameraquest adapter and rest from my last assignments deadlines

Just my 2k,
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