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Author Topic: Sharper lenses & more pixels  (Read 6513 times)


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Sharper lenses & more pixels
« Reply #20 on: January 06, 2006, 11:08:33 PM »

There is a good discussion of how atmospheric effects limit resolution at

From that, I would say that only somewhere between 100MP and 1000MP do atmospheric effects typically become a resolution limitation, though of course there are situations where far less resolution is possible or needed. It seems to me that lenses and DOF needs will eventually be the main physical limit on image detail, except in the extreme case of that gigapxl camera (very wide angle, very shallow DOF, etc.)
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As I recall, their lens is about 200mm in focal length.  But at longer effective focal lengths, the atmospheric effects will become more apparent.  My rule of thumb at very long focal lengths (between 1500mm and 2500mm equivalents) is to expect softer results after about 75 feet (shooting in the Arizona desert).  The higher apparent magnification also magnifies the effects of atmoshperic issues.


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Sharper lenses & more pixels
« Reply #21 on: January 07, 2006, 03:08:17 AM »

You're really shooting film, not digital? ... not to hijack this thread ... or has that been done already?
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I'm absolutely not shooting film. In fact my lack of interest in film since acquiring a digital DSLR almost worries me. Some time ago I got into a little dispute with some of Michael's claims in an articel titled 'Chumps & Clumps'. I decided to buy a few high resolving films and do a comparison, scanning the negatives on my newly acquired Minolta 5400 scanner (5400 dpi) and taking all precautions  to extract the maximum resolution on shooting.

The film is still in the fridge. What more can I say.
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