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Author Topic: Sony DSC R1 questions  (Read 2571 times)


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Sony DSC R1 questions
« on: January 02, 2006, 09:46:44 AM »

I read the Sony DSC R1 review and thread over the holidays, and think that this may very well be the digital camera I have been waiting for. As a Nikon film camera user, I have a few comparative questions. Would appreciate R1 users' comments.

Is the R1 spot meter one degree, or ?? What is the lowest light level that the R1 spot meter can still function?

Is there a R1 matrix meter? If yes, how does it compare to a Nikon F100 matrix meter?

Does the R1 support multiple exposures with variable exposure settings (e.g. +/- 1/3 stop) on a single frame?

When taking macros, how does the R1 lens (with and w/o additional accessories) compare to say a Nikkor 105mm micro lens? E.g., magnification factor, dof control, etc.?



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Sony DSC R1 questions
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2006, 12:27:47 AM »

I've had an R1 for about a month, as I also thought this might the one I've been waiting for.  I can't answer most of your questions as I don't know Nikon stuff well enought to compare.  However, you can download the manual over on the Sony web site.  (Not that it will tell you much about what you want to know either) But, it does have a matrix meter, as well as a center weighted meter, to go along with that spot.  No multiple exposures on the same 'frame'. (Not sure that question still makes sense in a digital world...)  You can however bracket, and then open all three files in PS or whatever, and merge them.  I think that's the same thing, if I understand your question.  I'm a very amature photographer who shoots maybe a 100 shots a month and prints one or two of those - but I really like this camera, the images, and the lens covers most of what I want.  It seems very well made, (it's not a $3000.00 camera nor a Leica M, but it's nice) and I love the way the dials work to change settings, etc.  Almost like having f/stop rings and shutter speed dials like my OM1.  Anyway, thought I write and say how much I like this camera - try handling one in a shop and see what you think.

Ray H.
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Sony DSC R1 questions
« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2006, 09:51:26 PM »

you may prefer just a d50 or d70 body only for a cheaper price.  you already have lenses...why not go for the more responsive system?
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