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Author Topic: Would a display panel with a bayer filter be better?  (Read 331 times)
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A camera sensor has a bayer color filter array over it. G,g,r,b. Individual pixels are reconstructed using complex math and neighboring sensel values. Color noise is generated when there is not enough brightness leading to rounding off errors. This information is then sent to a display panel which has to drive individual red green and blue sub pixels, r,g,b, to reconstitute the pixel we want.

Couldn't we eliminate color noise by reproducing the same bayer filter array on the display panel as exists over the sensor? Then the colors would be reconstructed directly in our brains. There would be no need to recreate an individual color pixel to act as the intermediary. Basically we would be seeing the raw image on our screens. No math, no transformations, no noise.

Do such bayer panels exist?
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