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Author Topic: Im looking for advice on a used printer for 10-20 prints a day of Art  (Read 998 times)


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Hello everyone I have a question for my printer choice.  Im looking to print 10-20 prints a day from a printer.  Im looking at used printers something to get me in the door and do a good job.  I dont want to make a bad decision.  Please guide me in the right way.  I will be printing on Canvas media.   Also would be amazing if I could also print on a vinyl and do a side business printing Vinyl banners.  This would be GREAT if I can do both from one printer and not mess it up or have issues.  I'm a newbe so any info would be absolutely amazing.  Thanks everyone for taking time and reading and offering advice.


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Re: Im looking for advice on a used printer for 10-20 prints a day of Art
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2014, 04:56:10 AM »

You need to give more info if you want good advice. Budget, size of prints, experience level…
You will find most users here are using HP,Canon and Epson large format printers. All of them deliver professional results. Some people believe one is better than the other, but mostly they all offer some benefits and some issues. They all can do the job. You have to read about them and figure out which ones fit you the best.

Your pm about this lists the right series of printers for fine art printing, for professional use or commercial.
I don't know your expectations, but I wouldn't think a beginner printing with no experience and no reputation would find this a reliable way of making money. Its a very competitive business unless you are a master printer and have a cliental that understands what a custom fine art printer can really offer. Otherwise you are competing with costco and walmart and every online printer in the world who can always do it for less and faster, just not always better. What do you bring to the table that will get people to have you print their canvases instead of using
I print for myself mostly, so I'm not really the right person to give advice about the business. I've certainly analyzed all the costs and tried to figure ways to save money and to make money, but most of my efforts have been more about learning everything I can  about printing and processing photos and how to present them ( framing and stretching). There is a lot to learn and it takes a lot of practice to be good. I don't think I could ever be competitive w the big players on price. I use a canon ipf 8300 and I think its great, but I'm sure a epson 9890 0r 9900 or an Hp 3200 would be just as good. I do suggest a minimum 44" wide printer if you are doing canvas. They all do banners also. I think there are other types of printers that may be better for some type of banners, or at least less expensive to print with… but I'm not the right person to advise anything about that.

If you do want to do this as a money making venture, I suggest you read everything you can on these forums until you really understand more about it and then ask for specific advice. There are some really talented people and an amazing amount of information to be found here. All of your questions have been discussed at length on the printer forum. Just go back and read, read, read.

 I wish you good luck
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