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Author Topic: LightRoom 5.3 PrintModule Print-to-jpeg-file not as good as direct export  (Read 9846 times)

Keith Reavis

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I've searched the forum and this thread comes closest to answering something I'm trying to understand so I'll start here. I send files from LR5 to a custom online printer and they request that the files be of native resolution without any interpolation. Claims their printer software can handle uprezzing better than LR or PS. So with an image of 2848x3830 that I want to print at 24" on the long side, how do I export from the Print module to achieve this? I need to do this from the Print module so as to be able to utilize the print adjustments Brightness slider to compensate for the image and paper type. If there is a way to use Brightness in the Export option I can go that way if it's easier to export a native file.
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