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Author Topic: Print Tao 8 - Any experience with it?  (Read 5905 times)

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Re: Print Tao 8 - Any experience with it?
« Reply #20 on: March 23, 2014, 01:08:28 PM »

So you are referring to trending (dE values over time and plotted)? That's quite different and it IS useful. It tells you if you're not calibrating a non stable device on a regular basis and how far from the target you are at a given interval. IOW, the stability of the display system over time. Or if there is some visual mismatch from a recent calibration, the trend value uncovers that something is amiss so recalibrate. A single dE report comparing what was measured just a few minutes ago to some chosen colors that will produce a good report is just a feel good experience. You're far better off just opening a refrence image and viewing the reference print to see if you are still producing a visual match. Isn't that after all the goal? Don't understand. You're getting a better display to print match? Or better predictably as the trending shows that over X amount of time?  There's a big difference between the two. Why do you suppose one product produces a better visual match than the other? One has better options for setting the calibration targets that produce a match?


No, I don't do trending over time. I revert to my colour management settings only if I notice a persistent mismatch between display and print - as you say, the primary goal. So yes, it is a feel good experience (at least it tells me something about te porary consistency) and I'll keep looking at those values because feel-good experiences make me feel good. :-)

As I mentioned in my previous post, while I may have an idea or two, I am not the guru on why one is giving me better results than the other. It just does.
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