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Author Topic: Info on the Synology DS214Play or the DS214+  (Read 5196 times)


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Info on the Synology DS214Play or the DS214+
« on: March 20, 2014, 07:03:31 PM »

Which one would be best for?
Mainly for photo files shared between 2 or 3 computers (on a network) working with PSCC & LR5
Not really looking to do much streaming of movies if at all
Will want to share some music files
Will store and share some video files from DSLR… not a whole lot

The DS214Play seems more for movie/video streaming but does have faster processor ( than the DS214+) and it has an SD card slot for uploading files which would be nice. $369.

The DS214+ Does have 2 Nics but my switch does not support Link Aggregation.
The 2 nics can be used for Failover, but I don’t want to take up 2 ports on my switch – it doesn’t require both nics to be plugged in dos it? $389.

Any other Synology unit’s that can be recommended?

I'm using a Win7 64bit system.

Thank You for any help!

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Re: Info on the Synology DS214Play or the DS214+
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2014, 10:02:01 AM »

Personally I would think the 2 drive models would be a bit limiting, in both long term storage size and drive failure redundancy.  If it were me I would opt for at least a 4 drive model.

I've been using the Synology 1812+ for some time now.  Its a great product, and has worked flawlessly.  With WD red drives it is quite speedy. (105MB/s both up and down) This is way more than you need but the Synology products are first rate.
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Re: Info on the Synology DS214Play or the DS214+
« Reply #2 on: March 22, 2014, 08:53:17 PM »

I've been using a D713+ 2 drive unit with WD reds for several months. Has been excellent for local backups (both wireless and ethernet at home), and for backup up of office PC over the internet using their cloudstation package. One advantage of the 713+  is that synology offers a multi-bay drive unit can be linked which runs at the same speed as the 713. The unit may be overkill, but has a faster processor than some of the more budget friendly synology units. The processor can also run Plex software if you want to do media streaming at home, and can do limited video conversion. The build is solid - metal case. Very, very pleased with it. Software (DSM manager) is probably the most user friendly NAS setup on the market.
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