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Author Topic: delay on second monitor  (Read 449 times)
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« on: March 19, 2014, 11:54:05 PM »

I use Lightroom5; I have my Eizo connected as a second monitor to my MBPr. when I enlarge the photo from iq280 to %100, on mac, it renders the image immediately and in less than a second I have a sharp image on its display but on second monitor, Eizo, connected via display port(thunderbolt), I have to wait for about 15 second sometimes even more, to get sharp image. It is the same on My windows desktop tower with 12 core CPU and workstation-grade Nvidia graphic card and sometimes picture  never become sharp unless I shift it to B&W then to color again and then just after this trick, pictures become sharp and rendered. and the problem is always on second monitor. why?

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