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Author Topic: Finally - Color Management on Mobile  (Read 14902 times)


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Re: Finally - Color Management on Mobile
« Reply #40 on: April 08, 2014, 06:42:55 AM »

Some interesting insights in this thread. I am the author of the Foliobook iPad portfolio app and have been approached by some users and vendors regarding adding colour management to the app.

I am watching and waiting before definitively deciding what if anything to do about this. Foliobook is predominantly a presentation authoring app, but future developments would be enhanced by colour management.

Today I downloaded Adobe Lightroom Mobile, that has some wonderfully slick syncing with a desktop LR catalogue, allowing remote editing with smart previews.

But, of course it has no support for colour management, and it really needs it, the colour profile is very different from that presented by my NEC Spectraview, so for me this mobile app is useless for colour work.

I wonder if Apple has plans for a more systematic approach to color on iOS?  Developers will get previews of iOS 8 in June but there is no rumour of color management support. It's possible that the software and puck vendors are far ahead of what the platform is really capable of, for me the iPad remains primarily a presentation device.
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