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Author Topic: Edit and Re-edit in Photoshop  (Read 669 times)


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Edit and Re-edit in Photoshop
« on: March 08, 2014, 12:38:43 PM »

When one wishes to edit a file in Photoshop from Lightroom the usual method is to setup Photoshop as an external editor in Lightroom and then choose the option to edit a copy with Lightroom adjustments from Photoshop. This enables the Lightroom adjustments to be passed on to Photoshop. One then saves the edited file from Photoshop and returns to Lightroom and the edited file is saved as a TIFF (if TIFF was chosen in the external editor setup) as <filename>-Edit.TIFF.

If one wishes to re-edit the image in Photoshop again, Scott Kelby (in his Lightroom 5 book) suggests that one can again use Photoshop as an external editor and this time choose Edit Original.

If one wishes to perform multiple sessions in Photoshop, another option is open the file directly in Photoshop (Lightroom may not even be running), perform the edit, and save from Photoshop. Which method is preferred? Either seems to work.

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john beardsworth

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Re: Edit and Re-edit in Photoshop
« Reply #1 on: March 08, 2014, 01:03:33 PM »

I don't think it really matters, Bill. The next time you view the picture in LR, it will pick up the changes you made in Photoshop. The issues are more a question of managing your pictures. If you open it directly in Photoshop, you might waste a bit more time finding the picture than if you had found it through LR. And if you do a Save As in Photoshop, Lightroom won't be managing the new copy of the file until you import it. 
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